Day 4: I leave Hospital

Spent the whole morning waiting for the specialist to arrive to discharge me.

At 11am he rolls up, sticks his head around the curtain and tells me everything went ok and then walks away !!! I call him back "when am I supposed to see you again"? He looks at me strangely and says its all in the anaesthetist report I was supposed to have. I call him back again. "How long does my cast stay on". "Six weeks" he says and then like a shadow that has seen sunlight - he disappears.

I still have so many questions to ask him. I would actually like my cast off in 3 - 4 weeks and go to a boot like the one below so I can actively participate in a rehab program. I am very conscious of the need to have some flexibility in my ankle if I am to ski in 13 weeks and the longer I stay in a cast the more my calf muscle will atrophy.

Lesson Learnt : Don't expect your surgeon to be enthusiastic about your ideas for a quick recovery.


Fred said...

Day 4

Going home had to wait till the afternoon. Got my crutches sorted, antibiotics, back slab replaced and off home. The drive was a nightmare with no elevation and the bumps. Got home on the couch foot up and that is where I remain for the next three weeks.

bob said...

had surgery yesturday home today not much pain . just cant do anything with these crutches im told in about 2 weeks I can put some wieght on it. already want to strech it but ile be patient