Day 3: The Operation

Well I rolled up into the hospital and was shown to my bed. Had a beautiful view of Perth from my window and it felt like I was in a 5 star Hotel :)

At about 1.30pm they came and wheeled me away to the pre-op waiting room. It was packed with patients waiting patiently for their surgery. They couldn't find a spot for me so I was tucked away in another room. The result of this was when it came my turn to go in the orderlys had trouble finding me !!

I got wheeled into a massive surgery, had a cursory hello from my surgeon (who i didn't actually see !!) and then they put me to sleep.

An hour or so later I woke up in post op and was then wheeled back to my room.

Within an hour I was back to my normal self, having a cup of tea and starving hungry !!

The nurses were great and looked after me very well. I had pain at a 4/10 level and that was easily nipped in the bud with a pain killer and 2 panadol.

Wifey and the boys came in to visit me that night and it was a relief that everything went well and I was back with my family again.

That night I slept ok up until I had to go for a pee. For some reason I couldn't pee into the bottle laying down on the bed so I had to stand up ( I must have some genetic trait that my water works don't work if I am laying down. Note to self: remember to ask my brother can he pee laying down). Lowering my leg onto the floor caused a huge amount of pain to shoot through my leg - but at least I was able to pee. Laid awake in pain for a while until I relented and called for more pain killers from the nurse.

Lesson Learnt : If you can only pee standing up, don't play squash

Below are some videos of an Achilles surgery. Don't click them if you are squeamish.


Julie Maurer said...

wish I could see the videos! I'm three weeks out and I have yet to find a video that looks like mine or the way mine was described...I did a did anyone whose been through this :)

Fred said...

Day 3

Not much to mention here pain is most likely at its worst but I flatly refused to take any measure of pain relief its about a 4ish out of ten up to a 5 any time I have to get up to go to the toilet or shower. Getting a bit stir crazy with the hospital. I think the pain contributes with the growing bad feelings to the other patients’ in my room. My drip site is very sore from the constant antibiotics. Surgeon has indicated that I can go home in a back slab tomorrow. Even though I think that home would not be as safe or as convenient I just want to go home.

Anonymous said...

Im on day 3, the first day when it happened at 8.10 am jogging on the beach, i had the operation at 4.30 pm later that day, was out of the hospital the following morning on the 2nd day. Found this blog on the third day and it has given me some hope for a good recovery. i have a half cast on for a week then my surgeon is fitting me with a boot for the rest of the recovery. Im a 29 m, and will let you know how it goes, long road ahead....

Anonymous said...

My achilles surgery was done localized. No anesthesia. I have 6 less than half inch cuts. No outside stitches. Cast for 5 weeks, boot for 6 weeks.