Day 5: The Wheelchair

Well its been a couple of days since the surgery and I am having to come to grips with a lack of mobility. For a person that I am sure some people think is ADHD, this is a shock.

I have a 5 kg cast on my leg - itself is a health hazard. If I hop around on one leg my other calf feels like it will snap in sympathy so I have to be careful to minimise trying the hopping. Likewise the lump on the end of my leg can generate quite a bit of momentum so I am mindful of snapping my knee !

I have tried crutches, and they certainly have their place, but with them comes a slip hazard. So for me, what is working best is a wheelchair.

Lucky for me wifey found a local hirer so now I have "wheels".

I thanked wifey that she was saving my sanity by allowing me to be mobile again. She replied " no David, I am saving my OWN sanity" !

Lesson Learnt: Don't sit around moping - get yourself mobile again

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Fred said...

Day 5

Found out that I didn’t have it that bad in the hospital but no regrets with leaving it. Everything I took for granted is a memory now. A cup of tea is a major endeavour. Standing for any length of time in the kitchen is really not an option. Going to the bathroom with an elevated leg on a box is something you just have to try to appreciate the full scope. I set up the bath as my personal area with a solid teak chair to assist with manoeuvring and as a elevation resting point for my leg. I can get in and out buy myself but I don’t until some one is home just in case. Every adventure to any part of the house seems to end with a great sigh of relief as I find the couch at the end. Thanks to a very supportive wife I have no issues once she is home. Love my own bed but really want to roll and toss around, however stuck flat on my back.