Day 2: Visit Specialist

For a guy that has just snapped his Achilles I slept fairly well. I remember waking up the next morning and hoping this was a bad dream. Well I hoped !!

Beautiful neighbour next door was meanwhile on the phone and had somehow got me an appointment with a sports orthopaedic specialist that afternoon.

Lesson Learnt: always be nice to your neighbours - you never know when you may need their help.

Meanwhile, wifey had found me some crutches and I was mobile again.

So off I trot ( I could wish) to the specialist.

I was due to see him at 2.20pm which was in 10 minutes time and there were still 5 people in front of me. Gosh I thought, this guy is so far behind. I made it in by 2.20pm !!!

I will now verbatim our conversation.

Hi, I am Dr XXX what seems to be the problem.

Me: I think I have snapped my Achilles playing squash.

He looks at it.

Doctor: Yes you have. I can do surgery tomorrow afternoon.

Me: Great.

End of consultation and a bill for $130 - that took all of 3 - 4 minutes!

Having said that I felt confident that he was going to be a good doctor and had full faith and confidence in him.

This is the test they do for a ruptured Achilles Tendon. It wasnt done on me as it was so obvious i had snapped it.


Fred said...

Day 2

So I’m in the ward with a back slab on apart from no mobility and the need to shower and go to the toilet I felt pretty good about the whole thing so far. Then the reality check, having to go to the toilet and shower. I had to sit on a wheel chair that slid over the toilet and then into the shower. The whole contraption was stainless steel and a very painful and forgettable experience. I was so happy to be back in bed with my foot elevated. Food was nothing special I just wanted high fibre to shorten any future toilet visits. That night slept a bit average not being able to lay on my side and with the anti-biotic being pumped into me with the risk of infection still a big factor. I was receiving two doses every 4 hours around the clock.

Justin said...

Weird. I wasn't even given the option of surgery. As soon as they saw my injury.. they slapped on a cast. Its day 30 now. I got back from the specialist today and he's telling me I have to wait another 2 weeks having the cast on. THEN go into the boot which could be another month. THEN go into rehab/physio. I was crushed hearing that.. I was really looking forward to getting this thing off today. The past month has seriously adversely affected my work life, school life, family life, romantic life and mental well-being. If I knew it was going to take this long I would have jumped right into surgery. I dont know what to do now. So frustrated. Should I find another doctor? Im in the middle of this conservative approach to healing my achilles. Its probably too late for surgery now.

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