Day 10: Back to work

Well my cast has been on a week now.

I have found it easier to use a wheelchair instead of crutches so I am motoring around the neighbourhood.

Everyday I try to have a mini workout by wheel chairing up to the local shops and back again.

One thing I have learnt about myself is that my upper body strength has alot to be desired. Even going up a small hill in a wheelchair makes my arms burn !!

I have decided the cast has to come off ASAP. I hate it. It is like having a bag of potatoes strapped to your ankle. I see my surgeon in about 2 weeks time and I am going to try and have him let me go straight to a boot. At least that way I will be able to stretch my calf muscle and hopefully alleviate all the muscle waste in my lower legs. I wonder what the surgeons response will be !! I hope he will be receptive to my plight.

I have been in to work for 2 days this week. I got a lift from a work colleague and she dropped me off at the building where my meeting was at that morning. After my meeting I then had to wheel chair back down to the building I worked at. Its about 500 metres all down hill thank goodness. The only problem was I got burns on my hands trying to slow the wheelchair down on some parts of the wheel chair path.

Lesson learnt: wheel chair paths are built by architects that never bother to test out the path they build.

Next week I am catching public transport - now this is really going to test me !!

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Fred said...

Day 10

I’m now use to moving around with my crutches and I have a milk crate on a computer chair that I move all my food around with. I have callouse’s forming on my hands from the crutches and I still can’t go any length of time without elevation. I live rural and I am restricted to the house. I’ve been through every DVD I own and I am starting to look towards books and any thing to fill my day. I work in a environment that doesn’t allow any room for injury so at this stage until Im in a boot I cant return to work.