Day 18 - Exercise

I may not be able to run but I see no reason why I cant exercise the rest of my body.
So I have bought some weights and an exercise mat and started doing upper body strength and abs. The only silly thing I did was single calf raises on a step with my good calf lifting my whole body ! I wouldn't advise this - I think I have pulled a muscle in the only good calf I have left !!

I see my surgeon in 2 days time to hopefully remove this cast. I am going to try and get him to let me wear a "boot" so I cant start some more intensive physical therapy (eg massage) on my Achilles. My guy feeling tells me he will want ANOTHER cast put on my foot so as to keep me less mobile. Lets see how I go !


lee said...

i am around 4 weeks post op, and am frantically looking for the walking boot you described, any help with locating one would be most appreciated.

many thanks lee

Anonymous said...

I was in an AIRCAST FOAM WALKER, hospital gave me mine, found one here, not cheap $209 but will have you out of the cast in 2 weeks.