Day 22 - the visit to the specialist

Well I rolled up at the specialist with the "boot" in my back pack and high hopes of the surgeon letting me wear it out so I could start exercising my calf and Achilles.

Unfortunately he had other ideas. He cut off my old cast, looked at my boot and said "that boot has the foot an an angle of 90%. Your foot still has to be at 45%" and then proceeded the put ANOTHER cast on my foot !!

However, I had him trapped for at least 5 minutes so I fired questions at him. Here is what I learnt:

* The new cast with my foot has to stay on for another 2 weeks eg that will make 4 weeks in total. Then I can go to a boot for 4 weeks and then a shoe with heel lifts (wow, I always wanted to wear stilettos to work :)
* The operation took 1 hour. It took so long as it is a tricky process for the anesthetist as I had to be turned on my stomach which has implications for my breathing. This explains why my throat was slightly sore from the breathing tube they must have put in.
* He used "invisible stitches" so they don't have to be removed.
* The cut is about 4 cms and whilst he was in there he cleaned up some pre-existing tendonitis I also had. In his words I "got 2 operations for the price of one". I knew some good would come of this :)
* The stitches he used to join the 2 ends of the Achilles will stay there till the day I die. He described the strength of the stitches as being like that on the cords on venetian blinds eg extremely tough (except when my kids get a hold of them!)
* He thinks my Achilles will be stronger when it has fully repaired and he has never had a re-rupture (mind you I doubt if he would confess if he had one!)

I am fully back at work now on crutches. My next post will be in 2 weeks when I have the boot. I will film what the scar/incision etc looks like.

PS Its snowing at the resort I am planning to go too - I wonder if I will make it?


Peter North said...

Great site Davo.

I reckon a week by week weigh in (with a graph) to see how fat you get would be a laugh too. Pictures of all the chocolate and chips you've eaten since being incapacitated would add to the humiliation. Maybe you could also make a quid and get sponsored by Cadbury?

Peter North

Anonymous said...

This is your favourite sister-in-law here! I think having a goal to aim for like the ski trip is a great idea - if anyone can do it, it'll be you! We really admire your positive spirit, and we're with you all the way (in fact, Wayne would like to be with you all the way to the ski fields!!!). Keep up the great work. Lotsa luv Sonya xx

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Have viewed your site since rupturing my achillies on Tuesday, actually was playing squash at the time and also hope to be back fully fit by the ski season. (I live in the UK with my Australian wife)
So how are you getting on now? Are you going to make your ski trip?

Kind sympathetic regards

Tim (39 y/o frustrated sportsman)

Joel White said...

Yep, me too. Playing my first (and likely only) game of squash ever, I snapped mine. Had the surgery a week ago, and I too am struggling through this inactive period while wondering how I'll deal with missing ski season this year in Colorado.

Anyway, just wanted to extend a thanks to you for your thorough documentation on this, its helped me have some goals while dealing with going from super active to super couch potato.

AlexSJ said...

everyone I guess,

I am a 38 y/o male, day 20 post op, I did mine playing with my boys under 13's football team, the things we do for our kids eh!:), I don't even play the damn sport. Mountain and Snowboaring is my thing. Everything mentioned is what I have experienced only unlike David I have ruptured my AT from the calf and have a nice 8" scar. (anyone else done the same injury? how's was your recovery?)
Anyway the Dr's were adamant I would not be going boarding in Italy 27th December. They said it was going to be 19 weeks before I could even start physio, this I found hard to swallow at the time and after alot of deliberation with my lovely wife (for which I cannot thank her enough for the support she has showed me, she wants to do pretty much everything for me so I can recover as quickly as possible, thank you my love), we had to agree with the Dr's and we cancelled our holiday in the snow.
Boo Hoo :(
NOW I decide the search the net!!! and found David's Blog. David you have given me hope and for that I thank you!! so I am now going to go with my instincts, disagree with the Dr's and get training, lightly off course, wouldn't want to go over doing it now.
But you never know, we might be able to get a last minite booking for mid. Feb. so this sounds like a good goal to set.
I'm back at the hospital 04th Nov. for another cast and they tell me I will have a new one every 2 weeks until I have full movement.


Fred said...

Day 22

I have my boot now its adjustable and cost me 400 dollars I can take mini steps with crutches and the rest of the time its elevated. Movement is very restricted in the ankle but now I feel on the mend.