Day 16 - I am driving again

Well it has been exactly 2 weeks since the surgery.

I was waiting out the front of my house for my boss to pick me up when I thought that I would see how my leg would go on the brake and accelerator of my own car. To my surprise the little bit of flexion I had with the cast was more than enough to comfortably and safely drive.

So when boss arrives I proved to her that I can do the pedals ok and she gives the ok to drive. So now I am back on the road again thank goodness. This must be what it feels like when a young kid first gets their license. Its great to be mobile again :).


Maggie said...

Hi> I have a ruptured achilles andam recoevering and am in week three in plaster. It is a stupid thing to do to try and drive, and is very dangerous. You are actually obliged to let the DVLA know about your injury. You should not drive until you have been given the all clear, which is some time in the distant future, after the cast has been removed and rehab has been performed by and under the supervision of a skilled specialist.

David said...

I share your concerns but you need not worry, I had great flexion in my ankle by then. Like I have always said. Just because this has worked for me doesnt mean it will work for you. I pushed the boundaries a little as I was on a tight schedule to ski in 12 weeks. If you feel more comfortable doing everything your spcialist says then this is what you should do.

Anonymous said...


Maggie - rightly or wroungly, I drove myself throughout the entire recovery. I drove myself to A & E, using the injured ankle. Once in a temporary cast, I drove myself back home and continued to drive whenever necesary.

However, you refer to the DVLA which suggests that you are from the UK. Most of the cars in the UK are MANUAL not AUTOMATIC. I could not drive a manual car for several weeks - but mine was an automatic and I suspect, so was david's!

I ruptured my right tendon and simply drove with my left foot. I don't think I could have driven a manual car with my ankle in a cast.

If you think about it, there are many occasions when you have to "improvise" whilst driving.

Jeff UK

Anonymous said...

I'm a taxi driver in the UK I snapped mine push starting my taxi but went on to finish the 61/2 hours remaining of my shift with very little trouble. Went to hospital the next day peas put in plaster and now can't drive at all