Day 240 post operation

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Sarah Lukas said...

inspirational for sure

Roberto said...

Hi David

My name is Robby from the uk. Thank you so much for this blog. It has given me such inspiration to have a quick recovery like yours.

I ruptured my achilles on the 1/2/09 playing tennis. Had the op on 6/2 and am now in a cast.

I due to fly to Oz on the 1st of May (travelling alond the east coast)

Will I be fit to go???

Is it possible we could email each other. my email address is

david said...

Hi David,

thanks so much for documenting the rehab. It's so hard to think of the right questions when you get to see a surgeon for a few minutes each month.

I did mine playing volleyball. Normally I'm a beach player but I cleverly decided to switch surfaces and play indoors 4 days in a row when I wasn't used to it.

I should be out of the boot in a few days, 9 weeks after surgery. Slow compared to you, but hey, I'm much less experienced with my body being only 36.

Thanks for all the info and inspiration.


den said...

Thanks David,

I am a 34 yo who did my achilles plaing football just over 3 weeks ago and had surgery the next day. I am in cast number two and am due for no 3 next week hence bringing foot to the 90 position(4 weeks post op)
I am hoping to put to the specialist wether i can weight bear as early as the 6 week stage.
I had a back op in march 2007 and took quite some time getting over that and was just getting back to full fitness again when this happened.
Basically i have to say that i am impressed with your blog, you actually had me in stitches on that cross trainer so early on and initially thought your personality (Will) was going mess u up, however you were too determined and come good.
I want to get back asap though i havnt got a ski trip (first time i went i broke my shoulder 5 years ago LOL so i avoid) to work towards though i need to watch this waistline. I am torn towards showing your determination or just following advice from specialist. Unlike you i havnt a specific goal to work towards thouhj i am going mad. What do you think?

Thanks for your efforts,


Anonymous said...

Yes, thanx for posting this blog so others can find it, you answered a lot of questions the Doctors don't have time for.

I am in Canada and ruptured my Right Achilles playing what else, hockey... I too was baffled by the fact there was no pain when I ruptured it but I knew within seconds what I had done.

I had a hard cast for 2 weeks and now will be in a boot / air cast for 10 weeks. 12 weeks total. 6 Weeks NO weight bearing and then 6 Weeks weight bearing. It is 4 weeks today since surgery.

Thank you for the blog, it was inspirational as well as humorous, I must admit I squirmed a bit when I saw you doing exercises and squeezing your Achilles......

I am 47 this year so not sure if I will go back to the high level sports I was doing before but I am looking forward to more Golf and Bike riding hopefully into old age.

Thanx again. - ..Lee

email -

Anonymous said...

I have decided to post with an update as I have tried to follow David's path.

Overall, I have more or less kept pace with David and now at this point I am probably fitter that before the operation. I have returned to squash 3 times a week several months ago and have continued going to the gym twice a week - hence the increased fitness level.

In terms if the tendon, it has more flexibility than the other and less aches/pains due to squash. I don't do any other form of stretches etc.

The two problems that I have are firstly mental. When playing, I think about the tendon. Not all the time, but certainly much more than before. As such, I tend to start games slowly and often lose the first game. Once the game gets going, I can put things to the back of my mind more often.

Another really strange problem is that I have developed a habit of curling my big toe downwards when walking. I think that this started when I had the cast on and used to put weight on the toe - as the foot was pointing downwards. It's a very minor problem, but it is taking time to cure.

I also noticed that David's scar is at the side of the tendon. Mine is down the back. This really irritated me when I first started to walk, as it rubbed on the back of the shoes.

Hope that my update helps other people as the blog helped me.

Jeff - UK

Anonymous said...

very nice blog. im in my 2mos since operation. im walking now but still limping. i strongly believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. AGV philippines

Anonymous said...

Thanks, David, for all inspiration. I'm 56 years old and severed my achilles tendon 3 weeks ago. I am two weeks past surgery. I too saw my surgeon for one minute post surgery, and at times wonder if anyone at my HMO is really watching.
My next step is to find exercises for the rest of my body that won't hurt the tendon. I got virtually no info on exercise that "don't do it". Even simple stomach crunches were frowned upon.
Again, thanks for all the effort you put into that blog!