Day 180 - almost a fairy tale ending !!

Well I have been back on the squash court for 2 or 3 months. Playing fairly hard games but with restrictive rules. For example, I play my mate but we both are allowed 2 bounces on the court. This stops me having to do those explosive types movements that could possibly re-rupture my Achilles.

I wasn't planning on playing competitive squash again until next year which would have given me a full 9 months off but my best squash mate rings me and begs me to play tonight as his team was short of one player. He says "David, the guy you have to play is one of the weakest in the comp, you could beat him on one leg !!!" Yeah right!

Problem was my ranking was still at the same high level as when I snapped my Achilles so I had to play at number one in the team. I was a little apprehensive about playing but I couldn't resist getting back on the court. I was really missing that buzz you get when you play competitively.

So I arrive at the squash courts expecting an easy first match back but things didn't go to plan. At the last minute the team we were playing against recruited in a "new" number one and I was now playing a guy that was ranked number 5 in the State !!

I could have killed my mate !

Anyway, there was no backing out now so I nervously go onto the court expecting to get thrashed :(

In the first game I started off slowly, hit alot of errors but was actually surprised at how good and fast I was moving around the court. I lost 9 point to 5 but that was 5 points I was just happy to get !

In the second game everything fell back into place again. I was hitting the ball well and moving as well as I did before I snapped my Achilles. I was doing alot of running too chasing down his shots so towards the end of the second game I was pretty stuffed. BUT, I was leading 8 points to 6 and only needed to win one more point to take a game off this guy and complete a fairy tale comeback ! I could see my mate praying I wouldn't win. He knew if I took a game off this guy he wouldn't here the last of it and the story of my great comeback would be told over and over again by me when we sat around having a few beers ;)

But alas, getting that one point was like climbing Mount Everest. I was completely exhausted and my opponent was determined he was not going to drop a game to a guy that hadn't played competitive squash in 6 months! He ran and ran and ran and no matter what I did I couldn't fall over the line. I went on to lose the 2nd game 9 points to 8.

By the third game I was stuffed - and I mean stuffed. I was still running ok but you cant expect to perform at this level without having trained a bit harder. I lost the last game 9 points to 4.

All in all I was pleased with the way I played. I never would have dreamed that almost 6 months to the day I was back on the squash court almost as good as before I snapped my Achilles.

If I can do it - so can you :)


Debbiy Alias Anonymous said...

Good for your David, I wrote on your last post and I went skiing a couple of weeks ago. I did fine, pissed off the doctor yet I noticed how weak I was. Since then I been working out real hard and I'll be skiing for 16 days straight starting Dec. 21st. You are so right if you can do so can we. Your posts have inspired me since day one thank you for your help. I'm on the same track as you just about 40 days + behind you:) Contrary to popular belief there is life after a rupture.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I have read your comments with interest. I don't feel the same as yourself about getting back to competitive sport. I am 45 and could not go through this twice. I intend to rethink the sort of exercise I do and will change to activities that I hope will eliminate the chance of this happening again. I am at week 7 and still walking with the boot on. I haven't been given the go ahead to start much physio as yet and I am little frustrated by that. I have been massaging the area myself to help move the swelling. It seems to be improving and goes down completely overnight. I am also considering seeing a different physio to get another opinion.

Congratulations on your recovery. It is encouraging to hear of others' successful rehabilitation when you are going through this. I am at a point where I am well and truly over the whole thing and just wish I could hit a fast forward button (or a rewind for that matter)!

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Congratulations on the great recovery. I'm also living in Perth and, by the sounds of it, had the same surgeon.

I've been a bit more careful than you and at week 9 have quite a pronounced limp still. Still, your story is an inspiration.

Good luck with the rest of your life!

Matt said...

Hi David, I had a complete rupture of the achilles on Saturday playing rugby. I was thoroughly encouraged by reading your blogs and know that even though it will be at times painful, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I see my surgeon tomorrow and hopefully I can get the procedure done ASAP. I have been told 5 months before I am fully running again and that is what I am aiming for. Thank you for posting your experience. I am hoping that I can have a speedy recovery. Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

Hello David,
We must be twins. I have been playing pennant squash for over 30 years and I also had a full rupture of my achilles tendon. I went to push of to get a drop shot and bang it went.I was really pushing myself as i was playing a top A grader 2 games to 1 in the 4th. I was really focused that night because I was reported to the squash association for being too rough. Anyway it has been 3 weeks since surgery and I have really enjoyed reading your comments. I must thank you for your time and effort in documenting your recovery so well. It has helped me to understand what i am ging to face in the comming months and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. P.S. I also ski and my family wants to go this year. 12 weeks from now, I might give it a go.
Regards, Scott

David said...

Best of luck scott. I am dues to ski again in 11 weeks. I am taking it real easy on the squash court at the moment !!!