Day 70

Walking without a limp now.

Even went for a short slow run it felt that good. However, wont be doing this again for a while as it aggravated things the next day (ankle was sore for 2 days)

However, when I was on the run and warmed up the calf muscle it felt REAL good :))


Anonymous said...


I am posting again having posted at David's previous milesones. I am tracking myself against his progress.

I am virtually the same in terms of rehab - again endorsing his blog. I don't limp now, but my main problems are if I am walking around in training shoes that have a high back, they irritate the area around the tendon and it is painful to walk. If I am in very loose shoes or slippers, then no problem. I have an element of weakness between the tendon and the bottom of the calf muscle that I am trying to build-up with exercises. This is improving! I am just doing the normal achilles-type stretches whenever the tendon feels tight - virtually every hour for a few minutes. In the evening, I have a warm bath and when I have cooled down, I put ince on the tendon for around 5 minutes. I then rest and lightly massage it.

I am currently walking 2 miles a day at a fast pace and going to the gym 4-5 times a week for half an hour at a time. I am doing a stationary bike, X/trainer and other similar exercises. This is causing me no problem on the tendon - just tired muscles. Yesterday I jogged for around 100 metres and this felt easier than walking to me.

My over-riding fear is re-rupture, so if I feel any pain (which is rare) I just ease back with the activity. I also find that I walk around looking at the ground all the time, looking for potential hazards.

It is 66 days post surgery for me and in 3 days I see the NHS Doctor again. I am absolutely staggered that I have been given NO information in terms of does/dont's and general rehab protocol. My entire progress to date has been dictated by this blog and other internet research. I just work on the basis that "if it seems right - I do it."

David, sorry to hear about your hamstring.

Next week I am planning to take a squash racket with me to the gym and knock-up on the squash court - if one is empty. Nothing too taxing, just hitting the ball without running.

I will post again at David's next milestone 94 days.

Jeff - UK

David said...

Keep up the great work Jeff. I am dying to see if you ski at 13 weeks hahaha. You guys have heaps of snow slopes dont you over there with all the snow you get !! (only joking - I have actually skiied in scotland. Well I tried to but it was way too cold for me after a couple of hours out in blizzards !)

Yes it is a bummer with my hamstring. Unfortunaltley it is torn quite high next to my groin so its difficult to get in there and vigourously massage like I could with my achilles. Still I cant complain - just booked my next ski trip for July so its probably a blessing I will be off the court for another 4 months. I would hate to have to do another "Achilles Tendon Recovery Blog" leading up to another ski trip !!!
Best of luck

Harald Harb said...

Hi, i am exactly where you were at this point in my rehab. I find it hard to stretch the tendon without it getting very stiff and I hit an inflexible point where it won't move. I can walk reasonably well with shoes. Every time I work out either bike or balance exercises the tendon does hurt.
I am getting no help as to how to stretch and get more range of motion from anyone. I think the reason is that no one really knows. If you go too far you do damage and if you don't do enough you stay the same. It's really a dilemma.