Day 60

Walking much better with only a slight limp.

Am doing heaps of stretching of the calf and heel raises.

The Achilles tendon itself is quite thick as collagen has formed around it as part of the repair process. It fact I would say my injured Achilles tendon down near the back of the ankle is about 4 or 5 times thicker than my uninjured Achilles.

Still cycling heaps and working out in the gym. Starting to think that just maybe I will be skiing :)

My OT cannot believe the progress I have made. He tells me he has never seen anyone make such a great progress.

Why do I think this has happened ?? Well in my unmedical opionion I think its because I got mobile much earlier than my specialist was suggesting. Now please dont take my advice. If you have ruptured your achilles you need to listen to your specialist. Just because this has worked for me does not mean it will work for you.

By the way. I have not been back to the specialist since Day 36. Quite frankly what other advice can he give me?? I am on my own now controlling my own destiny.

Going to see a good OT was the best decision of my life.


Julie said...

You're right about the good OT.

I did this 15 years ago to my other ankle. after weeks of getting nowhere I took myself off to the new sports physio centre at Sydney Uni and with just one visit was given a set of self help exercises that got me walking properly. I just wish I had someone as goodthis time around.

Wish I'd started looking and found your blog earlier!

Anonymous said...


I previously posted at day 49 as I am monitoring myself against David's progress. I am at this stage now.

Currently I have ditched the Aircast boot 2 weeks ago and the last of my heel wedges a couple of days ago. I have been walking 2 miles per day - at speed, for the last 6 days. I am also working-out on an exercise bike c4 days per week and doing around 25 minutes per day. Other than that I am going about my daily duties as normal. I am walking with a slight limp, but this seems to be improving each day. Also, the area seems slightly tender now as the muscles and tendons get used more.

In terms of other rehab, I am stretching and massaging several times a day, mainly when I feel a need.

My main problems are the tenderness around the back of the lower calf due to walking and swelling of the area around the tendon if I sit for too long.

On balance, I feel that I am in a broadly similar position to David in terms of recovery - proving again that his tactics were correct. I was given absolutely no sensible advice by the NHS doctors, so his blog is invaluable to me - hence my posts to try to help others.

I will post again at David's next milestone.

Jeff - UK

David said...

Go Jeff go.
PS I am off skiing again in 16 weeks time. This time I am taking no risks and staying off the squash court until after the trip. Would hate to have to spend another year doing another blog hahahahaha