Day 97 - one week to go until l Skiiiiiiiiiiii

Video update on my progress:

Flexibility Test:

Stretches I have been doing

The rehab I have been doing:


Adrian Castillo said...

Thank you very much for your postings. At 40 years old, I had surgery with no complications. I am at 2 weeks post op and am wanting to be prepared for rehab. Although I am by no means a competitive athlete, I had trained and had run my first 5k approximately 3 weeks before the tendon rupture. So even though I am in no hurry to speed up my recovery, I am very interested in getting back to "normal.". I appreciate you posting the exercise and massage videos - it gives my idea of what to expect. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey David, thanks for posting this blog, its been very helpful and inspiring to say the least. Its currently day 2 since they diagnosed and put the cast on, and I have surgery next week. Funny thing is, I have approx 98 days post surgery to recover enough for a planned kitesurfing trip! So hearing about your fast recovery and what you did to facilitate it gives me hope!

Question, as your ski trip timeframe is similar to mine, what was the most strenuous activity you did when you went skiing? Any jumping involved? I'm planning to get some kite jumping in and just weighing up the risk.


David said...

Hi Derek, I did everything. When I ski I push the boundaries a little and if I could find a jump I would be over it !!
Dont worry, if you do your exercises and push yourself along during rehab you will make the jumps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks David. I know people are all different, but hell, life's too short not to push yourself. I've already looked at booking my physio appointments as soon as possible, and trying to get into a sports rehab clinic with aqua treatment.

Thanks for doing this blog - it's been very insightful & I'll be following all your exercises closely!


Anonymous said...

Thx for your blog!
Flexibility test: What do you mean with 'when I first injured my Achilles'; how many days post op were you then?
I ruptured my Achilles on a Monday night, operation on tuesday night, 3 days hospital and back to work on Friday. So stayed actives albeit on crutches. 2 weeks cast then boot. Ditched the boot week 7 which is now and stated to walk week 6. Wound still bleeding as I believe stitches were taken out too early. For the rest I am happy that I can walk with a limp now. So seems like I recover fast but I can only keep my leg vertical and not forward like you. Hence my question.

David said...

It was 97 days post op. Just look at the headings of the post to see where I was at

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave;
I did look at that, and understand that is when you recorded the video.
Towards the end of the video you say: 'when I first injured my Achilles'; My question is how many days post op were you then that you could reach your knee to the wall with your tows agains that wall?
I am 7 weeks post op and only can keep my leg vertical, cannot bend forwards yet hence my question

Thank you

David said...

Ahh yeah, I can see why you would be confused. I believe it was around day 42 whilst I was at the OT as this was the test he was starting to do on me at this time.
Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Best piece of advice I've had for my two Achilles injuries. No op's some physio and then stopped limping ran up the road and snapped the other leg! The bat ( I use a rolling pin) has been fabulous. Still can't get my last injury foot flat on thfloor and only noticed when I went to get ski boots fitted. Agony even with insoles. Thank you