Day 37: Boot goes in the bin !!!

I hated the boot ! Made me walk around like darth vader. I know I was supposed to wear it but I have decided that if I am going to ski in less than 9 weeks I need to move things along.

So I tried just a normal sand shoe with gel heel lifts and it felt much better. Of course I am walking with a limp and have no real flexion in my foot (which forces u to walk with your foot turn slightly outwards) but its better than that restricting boot. I am hoping that by limping around the action alone of doing this will stretch the Achilles.

Plus, I can still drive :)

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bob said...

Im at day 38 days and i have been taking boot off at home I went to work and drove in without boot yesturday im limping but it feels ok without boot i can even go up stairs with out boot and go down be care ful