Day 111 - I have been slack

Well its almost a week since I have come back from skiing and my Achilles has been a little sore and tight. After the excitement of the best ski trip of my life I have fallen in a hole and forgot about stretching my calf - now I am paying the price !

To try and get myself back on track I just went for a light run (approx 700 m). It actually felt fantastic. I could run with my normal gait and a full stride and only had a small bit of pain on the lower left anterior side of my heel - just below where the cut finished.

If it feels ok tomorrow I will try and do 2km and report back.


Anonymous said...


I am at David's stage of recovery and am posting to compare progress in-line with my previous posts.

I now feel almost fully recovered - although I have been told by a Phsio that the tendon will take 100 days to gain sufficient strength for squash. However, that is 100 days after walking in a training shoe, so I estimate that in my case, this means 20 weeks post op.

But, like David, I have found a partner who is also recovering from a hamstring tear and we played a "long" game last night. 40 minutes duration, but being very careful. This, for me, is just 3 1/2 months post op. Obviously, I was careful not to go mad on court, but everything felt fine. I plan to do this every week for the next 5 weeks and then to move things on a little faster after that.

Overall, I have no swelling around the tendon now, but it's still very fat. No aches or pains and not really stretching much. If I sit at a dest for long periods, the area around the tendon still swells slightly - but I find that being on my feet is the best form of exercise.

I am really pleased with my progress to date - thanks to this blog!

Jeff - UK

David said...

Hi Jeff, great news on the recovery and u must be relieved to be back on the squash court.

Like u I also played alot of length games to get me back on track but here is something else u might try that will be great for u and your mate with a hammy injury.

Ideally what u both need to do is to take the pressure off having to lunge around the court to get tight shots back – especially at the front of the court.

So me and my mate play a normal game but allow 2 bounces. I know this at first sounds pretty lame. But what it does is keep the rallys going for ages so your fitness improves and it also lets u play and practise your short shots without your opponent feeling the pressure of a big stretch to get to the ball e.g. they have more time at the front. I always play this whenever I am injured – in fact had my first game back today with it and boy did i work up a sweat.

The only rule change we have is NO strokes unless the ball actually hits you. This actually makes it alot more fun and keeps the rallys going and takes out the arguments. In fact, funny enough my best friend and I don’t play strokes even when we play normal squash. Since doing this we haven’t had a fight on the court for 5 years and our friendship has grown – there was one stage there 10 years ago where we didn’t talk to each other for 12 months over a decision !! (yes we play THAT serious !!!)

Would you believe today is the day there is 12 weeks until I ski again !!! Trust me it will be all double bounce games for the next 12 weeks.